Growth Mindset!

Khadija Batool Gardezi
2 min readDec 25, 2020

Viewing yourself as definitively unfinished via a growth mindset means that your perceptions and efforts prioritize learning, persistence, and working smartly over an ongoing sense of your perceived ability. Our mindsets not only reflect how we view our self, but also how we view other people and events.

A growth mindset is something that embraces imperfections.
If you are not good at something, for example, you are not good at math, If you have a fixed mindset so you will say “Hey I can’t do it, I can’t do that!”
But instead of saying that, if you say ‘I don't know how to solve it yet but I will try my best to figure it out by reading documentation related to the topic that is bothering me or will watch tutorials related and yeah try to solve it and it helps!

If you want to be a lifelong learner you have to have a growth mindset so whenever you are finding something difficult so you can explore it on your own first, and if you still finding it hard you can reach out to people and ask for help.

Never rely on anyone like that person who will come and teach me everything, No that's not a growth mindset you have to embrace your comfort zone and start searching.

A person who will have a growth mindset will make new habits, it will make time table what to do this week and what If I got stuck so I will search it on the internet. I will read a few pages of a book so I can be good at communication.
I finish reading my book by end of this month.

Previously I had beginner knowledge of SQL, but at someplace they were asking a person who has at least intermediate-level knowledge of Database so I start exploring it on my own and started a course and also a book related to it so it's really helped in that way to understand database more in-depth!
Got that opportunity as well that's the power of a growth mindset, yayyy!

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