GitHub Field Day 2022 🇵🇰

GitHub Field day Pakistan 2022

We have to chase the things that excite us. We have to do the things that bring us joy. We have to surround ourselves with the people who motivate us back to create a better life and people who respect us and embrace us in ways that make us feel we are worthy, accepted, and loved. We have to put ourselves out there, and we cannot worry about what others think, we cannot rob ourselves of experience, happiness, or inspiration because we are scared of how we will be perceived. We have to believe that our ideas and our hope and our being, deserve to take up space, We have to believe that we have the purpose to come on this earth.

With that said, I’m truly grateful for all the opportunities GitHub provided me, and it's honored to be Pakistan’s first female GitHub Campus Expert. Indeed a great title brings great responsibilities. I and my team tried to create an impact on the life of our fellows/Juniors; from organizing technical sessions to talking about resumes/self-branding to sharing internships/job opportunities and resources with each other; that's how we support one another in our ‘girls in tech’ (GIT) community. I believe if young girls get proper guidance they can also do wonders in life; they are no less than men when it comes to problem-solving, leadership, and teamwork — they know what they are capable of.

One of the things I like to do for my own personal learning and motivation is to organize and attend networking events. There is a lot of value in sharing our ideas at these gatherings and getting guidance on how we can improve and change the way we run the communities.

One such gathering I attended recently is the GitHub Field Day Pakistan. This gathering took place at National Incubation Center, Islamabad. I am not going to go into all the details — but the big takeaway was the networking part. It was networking with people I only met virtually. Now it was a great time to see everyone in-person. 🎉

We had a wonderful start with keynote Speaker - Huzaifa Habib who talked about his journey and passion for community building.

After listening to the keynote and then moving forward to other activities, I was excited and I made my decision to network aggressively. I decided to network with every person I had met there and tried to make a meaningful connection.

Meeting community leaders across the country gave a sense of unity between our goals, we feel supported, and we feel safe. We shared experiences and help each other out, not just professionally, but personally too.
It gave hope and the opportunity to get involved, learn new things, share knowledge, and inspire.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Arsalan Khattak (Pakistan’s first GitHub Field Expert) for his invitation and the excellently organized unconference. It was a wonderful experience to meeting fellow GitHub Campus Experts aka my team.

Thank you very much everyone for making this day sublime with your presence over there. It was great meeting a community of trendsetters ✨

Khadija Batool Gardezi



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