OutSprint’s Intern now!✨

Its a UK based IT Company. 💫

I got to know about this exciting opportunity from my Mentor Sir Babar Khan who himself is a Software Engineer. I met him at our Monthly Mentor Meetups at Tech-Karo by Circle.
If you don’t know about Tech Karo? 🤔💭
Let me tell you,
its a flagship program of Circle which main aim is to empower women and bring them into Digital world(Soon, I will write a blog on it).💌


When I got to know that a globally acknowledged web and app development company ‘Outsprint’ has made its way to Pakistan for the first time with an internship program, using Outsystems Low code platform I wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity.💯
Outsystem — an easier approach to web development, provides the users with an effective and efficient platform to develop, deploy, and manage applications in no time. It’s the gateway to future programming, a revolution indeed.
Outsystem visualizes your notions and projects them in the most advanced AI technique, helping you build an application in no time and with ease of use.

Details about internship

Although the course will be mainly focus on the Outsystems but they will also teach the fundamentals of the following languages and software development methodologies. OutSystems is the most complete low-code platform for building the enterprise solutions that drive real business value.

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. SQL
  5. Agile software development methodologies

P.s what's exciting is that OutSystems Associate Certification payment will be cover by the internship/OutSprint.

We will be supported from beginning to end, and beyond, with 24/5 student support and tutoring, 1:1 mentoring.
The focus is to train us as a ‘Solution Provider’ and not just a Web developer.

Interview Process :
There were3 interviewers while my interview, everyone asked questions and my interview was 25 minutes long!! They were so kind, humble and so supportive. Thanks to them to seeing me as good fit for this opportunity!

yay, I MADE IT 💥
From many applicants, into 84 Shortlisted candidates, then being selected into Top 25 Intern that's how I made it! 💜


Thank you for reading!🐣

Yours in coding,
Khadija Batool Gardezi



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