Week 3 — Jadu

This week we explored CSS

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. Where HTML is what defines the structure and content of a web page, CSS is a web document that allows you to change the appearance of that HTML.
CSS helps us to change the size, style, font, and color of text also margin and padding, and also background colors, and border styles. It can also be used to give the position to elements on a page.

with CSS we also explore Flexbox.
In order to use Flexbox, we need an element that will be the flex-container. In your CSS, you use display: flex
When we add, display: flex, we are really defining display: block flex. The outer display type of our flex container is block it acts like a block-level element in normal flow. The inner display type is flex, so items directly inside our container will be in flex layout.

We had a session on “growth mindset”.

Growth Mindset
Viewing yourself as definitively unfinished via a growth mindset means that your perceptions and efforts prioritize learning, persistence, and working smartly over an ongoing sense of your perceived ability. Our mindsets not only reflect how we view our self, but also how we view other people and events.

I believe people who have a “growth mindset” seek out challenges and view failure as a chance to learn. With time and effort, their intelligence and knowledge can grow because they recognize that their effort influences their success, so they spend more time practicing or learning, which leads to higher levels of achievement.
Having a fixed mindset leads to a belief that intelligence and talent are limited, so there is no use in working to develop or learn.
If you have a growth mindset, you never think you’re too old to learn something new.

Yours in Coding,
Khadija Batool Gardezi



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