Week 6 — Jadu

Hello everyone, I am here again with the recap for week 6 👋🏻
I am literally blessed to be part of the Jadu full-stack fellowship where we are smoothly moving forward to full-stack, we started with HTML, CSS, and finishing Javascript this week.

Week 6 — Day 1 (JavaScript — Objects & DOM)

i) Functions,
ii) DOM Manipulation,
iii) Event listeners

Lets me explain them in details

So basically Function is used to perform a particular task.
Functions are the bread and butter of JavaScript. The concept of wrapping a piece of program in a value has many uses. It gives us a way to structure larger programs and also to reduce repetition.

A function is created with an expression that starts with the keyword function. Functions have a set of parameters (x) and a body, which contains the statements that are to be executed when the function is called.

const square = function(x) {
return x * x;
// → 4

With the object model, JavaScript gets all the power it needs to create dynamic HTML. It acts as a live data structure: when it’s modified, the page on the screen is updated to reflect the changes.

<p id=”name”></p>
document.getElementById(“name”).innerHTML = “Khadija!”;

Event handlers are sometimes called event listeners. they are pretty much interchangeable for our purposes, they work together. The listener listens out for the event happening, and the handler is the code that is run in response to it happening.

Week 6 — Day 2 (CV Building)

A CV is there to win you an interview and it should be written with only that objective in mind. Apart from applying for jobs, a CV is also useful for: Reminding you of what you have done in your career. Helping you to identify any weakness in your skills, work experience of qualifications.

Sir Saad Hamid who himself a Googler, guided us on how a Good CV should be, He also discussed Do’s and Donts for a CV.

Week 6 — Day 3(Classes in JavaScript, OOP Concepts, and CRUD Project)

Classes in JavaScript are a special syntax for its prototypical inheritance model that is a comparable inheritance in class-based object-oriented languages. In JavaScript, we can have class declarations and class expressions, because they are just functions.

After the session, I made this mini-project using CRUD operation in JS.

Yours in Coding,
Khadija Batool Gardezi



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