Week 9 — Jadu

So we started our week with Firebase.

In the current tech world, Firebase is one of the most trending technologies that help you to make a super cool web app or mobile apps in a short span of time. Firebase is provided by Google, It's used as “backend as a service” which means that you don’t have to think about how to store the data in the backend and how to configure your service. All that stuff will be handled by the platform.

We can describe Firebase as a complete package of products and services that allows us to build web and mobile apps without concern about the backend and improve the quality of the App.

Community Session
We had a community session in which we have to present something that can be helpful to others and I also took part in it by participating I gave a talk related to “Smart Goals”.
Wanna see my slides you can find them below!

We learned how to download and install the windows 10 Linux subsystem with ubuntu we also learned about the basic commands of the terminal which can help us to navigate between directories faster, then we also explored vim editor and how we can use it.

Bye from now, see you on the next blog!

Khadija Batool Gardezi



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