Week8 — Jadu

Khadija Batool Gardezi
2 min readApr 4, 2021

Finally done with my exams back to routine but still, I managed to attend my all online sessions this week.

We explored Reactjs and also re-create a todos website with Reactjs in this session. Also, I am following a course of ReactJs which is suggested by the Instructor and it's really helpful.
If we talk about ReactJS then you can get idea is that React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, i.e, for the client-side. React was created by Facebook in 2011and was released initially in March 2013.

It is used for creating SPAs (Single Page Applications) — no page reloads, no extra wait time. It is just one web page that you visit which then loads different components.

We need to clarify that React is NOT a framework; unlike Angular or Vue.js, but a library that is consistently used in association with other Javascript libraries.

Essential Skills

We have a tremendous session with Sir Wahib where he talked about personal skills and told us how important to be part of communities and do volunteer work. Everyone knows interpersonal skills are way more important as you have an idea you can code but how you present it that's equally important.
After the session, I reached out to Sir Wahib and thanked him for an informative session.

ReactJs Advanced
Here, we have explored three types of hooks (Mount, Update, and Unmount).

This is the next stage in the lifecycle and a critical one for launch. After you have prepared the code with basic requirements, states and props, you need your component to mount in the browser.
The third stage starts when the component has been adopted on the browser. This can then grow by receiving new updates from the program. The user can interact with the program, and then the component can be updated accordingly.
The final stage of unmounting is essential as it doesn’t require the component and gets unmounted from the DOM. As the final state, it is designed to produce the outcome via unmounting.

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